About Us

How we got started.

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Jack Dubberley (now Double E Products Ltd.) was approached by our first customer “Landsea Tours” back in 1985. With Vancouver’s Expo 86 just around the corner, they were quickly expanding and looking for an easy PA solution to talk to their onboard customers.

At first we started modifying each bus or van radio and connecting a headset microphone, but we soon came to the conclusion that there had to be a more consistent and flexible way for us and for our tour operator customers.

So, in 1989 and with the design from our technician Wayne, the the first generation of Ready2Talk PA system was born.

Once all stereos started coming with AUX input sockets, that gave us the easy way to connect our PA systems. Now all our Ready2Talk PA 5 “Easy Series” systems connect into any factory or aftermarket stereo without cutting wires or any modifications, so they won’t jeopardize your vehicles factory warranty.  If you need a more integrated system or want to play with video… maybe a karaoke tour???  Take a look at our “Installed Series” systems PA 64 or PA 5AV, they will give you options that you never had before to enhance your tour experience.

At Ready2Talk, we are all about innovative products and we continue to design by feedback from your industry… for your industry, with quality, safety and your company image in mind. That’s why we are the new standard in PA systems for the sightseeing community.