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Hi… If you’re at this page, then you most likely have a question or two...


Here are a few questions that are asked from time to time. Hopefully the “Choosing a Model” tab and these FAQ answers will do the trick. If not, then just give us a call or drop us a note at info@ready2talkpa.com we would be pleased to answer all your questions.

Which model should I buy?

Since almost all car stereos have an AUX input on the front of your stereo or dash board the “Easy Series” is the way to go. The PA 5 Portable is the lowest cost option and connects in seconds into your cigar lighter socket for power,  where the PA 5 requires connection to 12V power and ground for a more permanent installation.

If you want to offer video on your tours, then our “Installed Series” is the way to go. The PA 5AV is designed to play video from your iPad into the TV then through the PA into your stereo, all without any major wiring.  Our PA 64 amplified is designed to go the other way and play video from your stereo then into the PA 64 to your existing speakers.

Any way you want, we have a solution for you.  Need more info… just give us a call.

Check out the videos on our home page.

Do Ready2Talk PA systems work on all makes and models of Vans / Busses?

All our Ready2Talk PA systems will work on any make or model of van or bus anywhere around the world as long as it uses 12 volts DC.  We have sold them for use in snowcats, boats even horse drawn carriages.  If you have 12 volts DC in your vehicle and a stereo… we’ve got a PA to fit your needs.

If you have a 24 volt vehicle we’ve got you covered too.  Since we make the products ourselves, we have a 24 volt upgrade version that only costs $30 more.  For this you’ll definitely have to drop us an email.  No Problem!

What if my stereo doesn’t have an iPod or AUX input?

Honestly… your best option is to replace your old stereo with a new one that has an AUX input.  There are many models are available from your local stereo store and then you can use the PA 5 Portable,  replacement is your best option and it will sound way better too.

In some new vans there isn’t an AUX input.  This can be an issue because the stereo is often integrated into other function of the vehicle so replacement isn’t viable, (like in some Ford Transit Vans) so the best option is to install an AUX input option using an FM Modulator.  There are good and not so good FM modulators, we offer the TAK and the portable FM1012 which falls on the good side.  If you have any questions, just give us a call.

My new Ford Transit Van didn’t come with an AUX socket

This topic has generated a LOT of inquiries.  The short answer is… on the 2016 and newer Ford Transit vans, there are three stereo options depending on the trim package you buy.  The first two include the 3.5mm AUX input socket on the center console but the Sync 3 Stereo does not!

After exhaustive research with both Ford and the aftermarket stereo industry, there is no accessory cable that can be purchased to update your Sync 3 stereo.  So we built the TAK (Transit AUX Kit) which is an installed Wired FM Modulator kit with all the cables and stuff you need to install and AUX input socket.  They work super well and don’t have ANY interference.

For a temporary option, (although we don’t normally recommend wireless FM modulators) check out our FM 1012. This little guy is rechargeable, works really well and it can be used on ANY FM radio.  Perfect with the PA 5 Portable.

If you are wanting a more expandable option then our PA 64 amplified PA system will connect to an aftermarket stereo/DVD combo so you can play video.

Options, options, options, so not having an AUX input isn’t really a problem at all.

For more information, we have posted an article on our “Fleet Sheet” page.  https://ready2talkpa.com/fleet-sheets/

Own a Mercedes Sprinter Van?

If you own Sprinter van with the 3.5mm AUX input socket option, just plug in the PA 5 Portable and start talking in seconds.  For a more permanent installation use the PA 5 with the included factory AUX input adaptor plug then connect the power at the fuse box under the drivers seat to fuse #29.  Don’t use any other fuse location.  If you are not sure, contact your Mercedes Service center.

What if my Sprinter doesn’t have the 3.5mm AUX cable?

Just visit your local Mercedes Benz Sprinter dealer and have them install the AUX cable part # 6-6-56-0107. They need to turn on the AUX function in your Sound 5 stereo with their service programmer in “Accessories option”. The cost is approximately $150.

Why can’t I just plug a mic into my stereo’s AUX input?

Good question… it’s because the output level of mic is too low for the car stereos AUX input level.  There is the odd mic that will have the right plug but the stereo volume needs to be set to full and then you’ll need to talk super loud into the mic to have it work.. and that’s not really a viable option.  What you need is a preamp and that’s basically what Ready2Talk systems are and a whole bunch more.  We have invested over 25 years of R&D into Ready2Talk PA systems to ensure a quiet, well balanced circuit that isn’t affected by any engine noise from your vehicle.  And they sound great!

Why can’t I just connect a BT headset to my stereo?

It would make sense so that’s the million dollar question.

The short answer is… there are a number of BT protocols and different frequencies used in Bluetooth and as time goes it’s hard to have find the matching equipment.

But most importantly, in BT there are masters and slaves.  Your phone is a master and your headset and your stereo are both slaves and unfortunately you can’t pair two slaves together.  Sorry that’s the way it is.


What about wireless headsets and hand mics?

We have seen a few Band-Aid solutions for wireless mics that generally use a wired headset to a body pack. Although these kind of work, there still is a wire and the body pack normally runs on a 9 Volt battery which only last approximately 6-8 hours and then you need to feed it again. Maybe not the best idea.

We think the best idea is to listen to your customers… so we did!  Our Ready2Talk HS BT2 Digital Wireless headset and HM BT2 Digital Wireless Hand mic offers 8 hrs. talk time on a 3 hr. charge and over 30ft. of operating range.  They’re also auto syncing within 3 seconds of turning on and has a talk switch and an indicator light so you know when you are live.  Just what our customers ordered.

Check out the HS BT2 video on our home page to see it in action.

How do they sound?

They sound great !!!  Really!  Since they connect to your stereo, if your stereo sounds good then so will your Ready2Talk PA system.  We make everybody sound like a Radio DJ.

Are they difficult to install?

As you read above, if your stereo has an AUX input… with a PA 5 Portable there is no installation required, just plug and play.  To install a PA 5, it’s a two wire hook up and it generally takes a few minutes.  As long as you have some simple tools and some basic mechanical knowledge you can install them yourself, or any mechanic or car stereo installer can easily put it in for you.

PLEASE NOTE… if you are unsure, it is recommended to have a trained mechanic or car stereo installer to do the installation!

Can I use two microphones at the same time?

Yes, but they have to be both Ready2Talk microphones.  You can use our 4P YA Y adaptor or we specially made the PA 5AV just for mini busses that want to have a step on guide as well as a driver on board.  Just use our PA RME (rear mic extension) and that gives you a 15′ cable with a custom mounting plate for the second mic socket.

Any questions… give us a call.

I have a PA system already… can I use Ready2Talk microphones with my PA system?

Yes, but not our most popular HS 30M or HS 40M.  Here’s why… All other makers of PA systems used in mini busses and full sized coaches (like ASA, Jensen, REI) are designed to use Dynamic microphones. See our “Microphone 101” tab.

We make the Jensen HK  headset upgrade kit just for you that includes a direct connection cable with a custom plate with a switch for your PA, if you have a highway coach we make a REI HK headset upgrade kit that connects to the existing 4 pin XLR sockets.  So give us a call and we can ship you the correct configuration for your bus.

How much do the PA’s cost?

The easiest way to figure that out is to go to “Our Products” page and click on “Add to Cart” the items you are interested in will total up including shipping. There is no obligation until you close out your shopping cart and enter your information. If you wish, give us a call and we’ll total it for you. Besides we would love to chat.

We hope this info has helped. If you have any other questions, please give us a call or drop us a note.

Thanks for your interest… we hope to hear from you soon.


If you want to learn how to use one of our systems, please choose one of the printable PDF files on the right, they should answer your questions. If you need more help, just give us a call or drop us a note at info@ready2talkpa.com we would be pleased to answer all your questions.