Choosing A Model

Choosing the right PA System for your needs is easy

Now that all factory or aftermarket stereos come with AUX input sockets, how to choose the best PA model and microphone option is really easy.

Choosing the best PA.

The PA 5 and PA 5 Portable are exactly the same with exception of how to connect them to power. The PA 5 Portable plugs into your cigar lighter where the PA 5 is hardwired to power and ground offering a more permanent installation.

Since Ready2Talk PA’s use your stereos AUX input, if you want to play music during your tour, there is a AUX input socket on the front of our PA’s. Just plug your MP3 player (or iPhone) into the PA and you can listen to music while on tour.  Now that all Ready2Talk mics have on / off switches, when the mic is turned on, it will mute the music and then automatically comes back on when the mic is turned off.

Want to play video on your tour?

The PA 5AV is an expanded hardwired version of our PA 5 that also offers sound inputs with full variable muting for when you want to enhance your tour experience with video. It also allows a second mic option for a step on guide.

Please check out our PA 5AV videos to explain the concept and how they easily they are to install to your factory stereo.  Now you are no longer limited to having to install expensive in dash DVD players… play video from your iPad!

Choosing your microphone.

Again… it’s simple since all our microphones sound great. There are hand mics, gooseneck mics and headsets. We are all about safety so we always recommend a wired headset first, the best value and our most popular is the HS 30M wired headset.  Now with on / off switches on every mic, you can easily have a private conversation or use the switch to turn the music from your iPhone on and off automatically.


If a wireless microphone is what you need, then you have come to the right place. Ready2Talk is the only manufacturer in the world that makes a digital wireless headset specifically made for the sightseeing industry.

The new HS BT2 offers 8 Hrs. of talking time on a 3 hr. charge and over 30ft. range. Check out our video on our home page to see how easy it is to connect to any of our PA 5 series systems and use.  Auto syncing means it is ready to use within 3 seconds and you can charge it in your vehicle.     COMING THIS SUMMER

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