Frequently Asked Questions

Hi… If you’re at this page, then you most likely have a question or two?

Below are common questions that we are asked, hopefully the answers will do the trick. If not, just give us a call at 1 888 724-5351 or drop us a note at info@ready2talkpa.com we would be pleased to make sure you are up to speed.

Which model should I buy?

On “Our Products” page you’ll notice we offer two series of products; the Easy Series and the Installed Series. Generally, the Easy Series PA systems (like the PA 5 Portable) are designed to connect to any stereo that has an AUX input socket, like many vans. With one exception. If your stereo is made by Jensen and has a “V” in the model number, unfortunately it is non-compatible with the PA 5 series, all other Jensen stereos are no problem. See the “Jensen V series bulletin at the bottom of the “Tech Info” page for more in depth info.

The Installed Series products require installation and are generally used in mini busses, specialty vehicles, also this is the series if you have a “V” model numbered Jensen stereo. Our most popular model is the PA 64, it can connect to any stereo and be used for any purpose including video, automated announcement systems, even karaoke.

Any way you want, we have a solution for you. Need more info... just give us a call.
Check out the videos on our home page.

Do Ready2Talk PA systems work on all makes and models of Vans / Busses?

Yes. We have a PA solution for any need, anywhere around the world. Ready2Talk PA systems have been installed into vans, busses, trolleys, amusement park trams, snowcats, boats even horse drawn carriages. If you have 12 volts DC in your vehicle… we’ve got a PA to fit your needs.

If you have a 24 volt vehicle we've got you covered too. Since we make the products ourselves, we have a number of 24 volt products as well, just drop us an email. No problem!

My new Ford Transit Van or Mercedes Sprinter Van didn’t come with an AUX socket

This topic has generated A LOT of inquiries lately. Most stereos today will come with an AUX input, but more and more new vans no longer do. Don’t worry. Please read our “PA’s for Vans” page for all the information about what PA options are available for your make and model  of van. It should make things pretty clear, but if you have any questions, just give us a call.

Are Ready2Talk PA Systems difficult to install?

Not at all. All our PA products follow standard car stereo color codes so it’s no more difficult than installing a car stereo or amplifier. Check out our “Tech Info” page to see all our owner’s manuals in PDFs. However, if you are unsure, it is recommended to have a trained mechanic or car stereo installer to do the installation.

Why can’t I just plug a mic into my stereo’s AUX input?

Good question… it’s because the output level of mic is too low for the car stereos AUX input level. There is the odd mic that will have the right plug but the stereo volume needs to be set to full and then you'll need to talk super loud into the mic to have it work and that's not really a viable option. What you need is a preamp and that’s basically what Ready2Talk systems are and a whole bunch more. We have invested over 25 years of R&D into Ready2Talk PA systems to ensure a quiet, well balanced circuit that isn’t affected by any engine noise from your vehicle. Not to mention they sound great!

Why can’t I just connect a Bluetooth headset to my stereo?

It would make sense so that's the million dollar question. The short answer is... there are a number of BT protocols and different frequencies used in Bluetooth. But most importantly, in BT there are masters and slaves. Your phone is a master and your headset and your stereo are both slaves and unfortunately you can't pair two slaves together. Sorry that's the way it is.

Do you make a PA that can connect into my stereo’s Bluetooth?

Bluetooth suffers from a speed issue causing a slight sound delay from the internal Digital to Analogue (DA) converter. You might have noticed a slight echo when talking on BT on your phone? It might not seem like a big deal, but when you are talking and listening to yourself in the same vehicle, the echo will drive you and your customer’s nuts. That’s also why we haven’t developed a PA app for phones.


My stereo has a USB socket, can I use that to connect a PA?

Again, this would make way too much sense but unfortunately it is not possible, here are the reasons why. USB sockets are used for digital information (in packets) and like your voice, the sound coming out of a PA is analogue. Although you can get USB to 3.5mm mic adaptor boxes for computers, the van stereos don’t have the software to support the conversion.

Do you offer a wireless headset or a hand mic?

Absolutely! Ready2Talk is the only maker of truly wireless headsets and hand mics for mobile PA systems. Check out our HS BT3 wireless headset and HM BT3 wireless hand mic and cut yourself free from wires. Karaoke anyone?

How do Ready2Talk mics sound?

They sound great!!! Really! When other systems can sound like you are talking down a toilet paper tube, we strive to make all our PA’s and microphones sound great. Quality is super important to us.

Can I use two microphones at the same time?

Yes, but they have to be both Ready2Talk microphones. The PA 64 comes with two mic sockets so this is very simple. Our PA 5 series comes with one, but with our 4P YA, Y adaptor you can connect two mics into one mic socket. Any questions... give us a call!

My bus came with a factory installed PA system… can I use Ready2Talk microphones with my PA?

Yes, kind of… let me explain.

A growing number of bus manufacturers are now installing Ready2Talk products at the factory. So if your bus came with a PA 64, you bet ya, just plug in any of our mics and go! Even our wireless.

If you bus came with any other make of PA, we can still help you, but you should read on a bit further.

There are two different platforms for mics and PA systems, Dynamic (older mechanical) and Condenser (electronic), unfortunately they are not interchangeable. Most Ready2Talk mics use the condenser platform and will work on all Ready2Talk PA systems, but they won’t work on other PA systems like Jensen or REI that use the older dynamic platform.

However, since many people haven’t found us yet and might have a bunch of other makes of PA’s in their fleets, so we make special headset kits with dynamic mics that will allow you to update your old PA with a headset to meet Distracted Driving Laws. Check out the “Microphones 101” page, also our bulletin on “Distracted Driving Laws and PAs” at the bottom of the “Tech Info” page. This is a very important question so if you have ANY questions, please reach out to us!

Who are you guys? What happens if I need service? And what’s your warranty?

We are happy to say we started our quest in 1985! Check out our “About Us” page, it will give you a quick history. But on the service question, this is why our customers love us even more. When you by Ready2Talk products, you get the Ready2Talk service to go with it.

Unlike any other PA manufacturer we realize that you need your PA to work every day, but over time things might break? We offer a 2 year warranty on all PA boxes and 1 year on all mics. For a nominal service charge, we also offer a repair exchange program for all “out of warranty” products and replacements can be shipped as fast as overnight, so you're up a running ASAP.

Ready2Talk is the only PA company that repairs and refurbishes microphones! So if a mic breaks, don’t through it out, just send it back and we’ll breathe new life into it. We are here to support you whether you have 1 vehicle or 1000.

We hope this info has helped! If you have any other questions, please give us a call or drop us a note.

Thanks for your interest and we hope to hear from you soon.

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