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HS BT3 low Rez

HS BT3 Digital Wireless Headset / Pre-Order Now ETA Jan. 2019

Easy Series

Regular Price: $249.00

N/C SHIPPING ON PREPAID ORDERS  Finally there is a truly wireless headset that is easy to use and sounds amazing.  Honestly!  The HS BT3 offers over 30ft. operating range and 12 hrs. of continuous talk time on just a 3 hr. charge via a standard USB cable to the receiver or any USB normal charger.  And you can trigger the music muting automatically just by turning on / off the headset power.

Just plug the receiver into the 4 pin mic socket on any of the Ready2Talk PA systems and the PA supplies the receiver box power, so there are no additional batteries are required.  Just turn on the headset and it syncs automatically within 4 seconds.  Comes with extra mic foam covers too.

The HS BT3 is a game changer for the sightseeing world.  One more thing that makes Ready2Talk the new industry standard.

(N/C shipping offer expires once our first shipment is received)

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