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JB 6 Lo Rez 2

JB 6 – Portable PA System with BT Input

Easy Series

Regular Price: $399.00

So you need a PA to save your voice, but you don’t want to install anything?  No problem!

The JB 6 is a stand-alone PA speaker system with a built in 2 x 32 Watt amplifier, internal BT receiver, so you can play music directly from your phone and it comes with a second Buddy Speaker so even the people in the back can hear properly.   You can use any of our microphone designs from hand mic (HM 36 or PHM 6C) to headset (HS 36 or HS 46), even our wireless (Hs BT4 and HM BT3).

Plug it into power and the JB 6 is ready to go in seconds, but we ask everyone to use the included mounting brackets to keep everyone safe… just in case of an accident.

The JB 6 sounds awesome and is perfect for vans, minibuses or specialty vehicles.  With the optional JB 6AC 110V to 12V power supply use it indoors as a temporary PA.  Want to use it outdoors, just plug in the JB 6BP rechargeable battery pack for 3 – 4 hour operation anywhere.

You can find both the JB 6AC and JB 6BP on pg. 3 of Our Products.

W 22mm x H 16mm x D 14mm

W 8.75″ x H 6.25″ x D 5.5″

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