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Jensen HK Lo Rez

Jensen HK Headset Kit

Installed Series

Regular Price: $249

Did your mini bus come with a hand mic and your customers are nervously looking at you when you have only one hand on the steering wheel… how about the police?

Upgrade your Jensen PA 500 to a headset with this kit.  It includes our exclusive HS 10D Dynamic headset with 6 ft. wire and a custom dash mounted plate with mic on/off switch and mic socket.

You’ll be a LOT safer and sound better than that old hand mic too.

To find the replacement HS 10M headset for this kit… click on page 2 at the bottom of the “Products Page”.

NOTE:  Works on all Jensen stereos with “Built In” mic input and the Jensen PA 500 PA system.  It’s NOT compatible with the latest Jensen JPA 600.

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