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Jensen HK Lo Rez

Jensen HK Headset Kit

Installed Series

Regular Price: $249

Did your mini bus come with a Jensen hand mic and your customers are nervously looking at you when you have only one hand on the steering wheel… how about the police?

Upgrade your new touch screen Jensen stereo that comes with a built in PA, or your older Jensen PA 500 box to a headset with this kit.  The kit includes our exclusive HS 10D Dynamic headset with 6 ft. wire and a custom dash mounted plate with mic on/off switch and mic socket.  You’ll be a LOT safer and sound better than that old hand mic too.

To find the replacement HS 10M headset for this kit… click on page 2 at the bottom of the “Products Page”.

IMPORTANT:  The Jensen HK is NOT COMPATIBLE with the latest Jensen JPA 600 PA box as Jensen has moved the volume control from the box to the hand mic.  Replacing the hand mic with a Jensen HK means you lose the ability to control the PA volume.

Not sure if you have a JPA 600?  Please contact us to confirm compatibility and we’re happy to offer other options.

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