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PA 5 Lo Rez

PA 5

Easy Series

Regular Price: $299

The PA 5 is exactly the same as our popular PA 5 Portable except with a hard wired power plug and a longer (3 ft.) output cable.  It is the perfect PA system when you want a more permanent installation.  Just connect power and ground, then to your factory or aftermarket stereos with either a front or rear 3.5mm AUX input.

Like all of our Ready2Talk PA’s, it also includes a front AUX input socket allowing you to connect your iPad or iPhone and play music of your choice while on tour, with adjustable muting as well.

Want a custom look with no wires… check out our PA RMK remote mounting kit.

No longer do you need to cut into your vans or busses wiring to install a PA system… it’s just a two wire hook up to power and ground.  You’ll be touring in no time.

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