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PA 64 Amplified PA system

Installed Series

Regular Price: $399.00

Have a bus with an in dash stereo or DVD player and your existing PA doesn’t cut it?  Or maybe you want to upgrade to a headset or wireless mic… maybe two at the same time?  The PA 64 can do that and a lot more!   Now you can have a great sounding PA system to match any stereo, factory / aftermarket / DVD player or use the PA 64 as a stand alone PA system.

It will give you better sound quality than any other PA system made with its 4 x 50 Watt amplifier.  For convenience it also has a dual mic input, separate mic volume and a variable solid state muting control that will automatically mute your music or video from 0 – 100% when the mic is turned on.

Check out the RME (rear mic extension) for a step on guide or the RMK (remote mounting kit) and hide the PA 64 for a custom look.  Want to mount it upside down or vertically… no problem, there is an extra front plate with reverse printing included in the box.

Now you can be even more creative and enhance your tour experience with video… or just ditch the old hand mic and move up to a wired headset or a wireless hand mic or headset or two mics?  You won’t believe the sound improvement.  If your existing PA system is holding you back… now is the time to change to the PA 64, no matter what you drive.

Please look at Page 2 of “Our Products” page for the new Anti-Pop mics made specifically for the PA 64.

Just a heads up… both our HS BT3 and HM BT3 wireless mics also include the same updated Anti-Pop circuitry as well.  So with the PA 64, you have the most up to date and the best sounding system on the market whether you use our wired or wireless mics.  Enjoy!

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